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6197 N. Burkhart Road  ē  Howell, MI 48855  ē  Phone: 517.546.2679

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Our Story
By Alan Taylor

In 1956, my dad, Jim Taylor and Grandpa, Alfred Taylor were hunting together in the Howell area. While they were there, they spotted an ad in the local paper for some property. My Grandparents, Alfred and Helen Taylor, had been looking for land to retire, so, they went to see it. They discovered 40 acres of woods, rolling hills, and a beautiful lake with a picture-perfect sunset. It was their dream come true!

There was a very old, broken down farmhouse on the land. It probably should have been torn down, but they decided to fix it up with the help of their only son, my father, Jim Taylor. In the early days, there was no running water, no bathroom, and the only heat came from a wood-burning stove. It really was roughing it!

Before my grandma and grandpa could move out to the country paradise they called ďThe Farm,Ē there was a lot of hard work to be done. Almost every weekend was spent traveling from Dearborn to Howell to work on the old farm and make it livable. They soon noticed that families from the local area were gathering on the property to swim in the lake. Many of them even pitched tents to camp in the rustic woods. You can probably picture where this story is going Ö

My grandparents didnít want to disappoint the locals who had been enjoying good times on the land for years. One day my dad had a brainstorm. They decided to charge $1 per car for camping, fishing or swimming. My dad built a steel box with a money slot that was wedged into the ground on the left side of the driveway. The money was collected on the honor system. Some people cheated, but most paid their dollar. I can still remember how excited Paul, Mark and Debbie (my brothers and sister) and I were to open the locked box and see how much money had accumulated. Still, we never imagined that ďThe FarmĒ would eventually become a campground.

Time passed and the farmhouse became livable. Finally, my grandpa retired from Ford Motor Company, and he and Grandma moved to the farm to begin their golden years. Grandpa and Grandma planted a huge vegetable garden. They raised chickens, ducks and rabbits (which eventually ended up on the dinner table). The dog and cat practically lived under the table. We even had a couple of horses. I still remember crawling into the chicken coop to get eggs for breakfast.

I really miss the good old days when my parents, Jim and Rosemary Taylor, would take our family to the farm. We always had so much fun! Grandpa would take us to the lake to bathe and swim.

One time, my mom and dad took our family to a beach in the Metro Detroit area. After seeing all the people enjoying themselves in the water, my Dad got the idea to make a sandy beach at the farm. Grandpa and Helen went along with it, but I donít think they ever imagined just how big and hectic things would become. Shortly afterward, the sign went up. Things were about to change. People from all over Metro Detroit were visiting Taylorís Beach.

Before my dad finished his career as a Dearborn fireman and an electrician, he spent almost every spare moment creating and developing Taylorís Beach Campground. As each year passed, more and more campsites were constructed. Then the bathhouse was built, followed by the diving board, the store and the playground. Day after day, week after week, the campground continued to grow and expand. All of us kids, Jimís loving wife, Rosemary, and Alfred and Helen helped as much as possible. But it was Jim Taylor who put forth the vast majority of blood, sweat and tears that eventually made Taylorís Beach what it is today. Once, he was almost buried alive while installing sewer lines for the campsites. The ground caved in on him while he was down in a trench, and no one was around to help him. Miraculously he was able to dig himself out.

Alfred and Helen Taylor had so little, but always gave so much! We will always remember their love for us in our hearts, and cherish our many fond memories with them. Jim Taylor, we are all so very lucky for everything you accomplished. Thank you for all of your hard work, which has brought the wonderful joy of camping to so many families over the years.

Our new slogan for the next 50 years:
Taylor's Beach Campground
Where Happy Campers Go!!

On February 26, 2008, Jim Taylor, founder of Taylorís Beach Campground, passed away after an extended illness. He will be deeply missed not only by his family and close friends, but also by the campers who spent summers here at Taylorís Beach Campground. Jim was responsible for countless family memories, laughs and adventures. Please think of Jim the next time you are camping at Taylorís Beach Campground, and remember he was responsible for creating this beautiful campground. Nothing would make him happier!

Taylor Family Photo
The campground is now being managed and operated by the next generation of Taylors: Alan (Jimís son), with wife Linda and children Adam and Marina.
Alfred, Helen and Jim
Our Founders: Alfred and Helen Taylor, with son Jim Taylor

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